Shows an episode of True Blood

Shows a commercial after it on how many awards Game of Thrones and True Detective picked up!

Does anyone else get roped into watching bullshit shows with their Wife because they watch your shows (which are awesome!)

I 'make' her watch A Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead; in exchange I get Orange is the New Black (which isn't bad due to Lesbian rug munching) and True fucking Blood. ( fangtasia!) Phone Post 3.0

Luckily my wife doesn't watch dumb shit. Well dumb shit that I don't like that is...

She watched the Twilight movies but better than to ask me. Phone Post 3.0

The key to my car has a button on it where the key flips up like a switch blade.  For about 1  to 3 times it was neat.

4 years later it fuckin' annoys the shit out of me.  This is how I feel about how they show their fangs on True Blood.


Lol ya the wife likes that tru blood as well and the wall or whatever im less than " into" them but she hates my stuff too and usually she watches upstairs Phone Post 3.0

My wife doesn't watch alot of dumb shit. Theres some reality bullshit like Sister Wives that I just tune out and play on my phone.

I watch all my shows after she goes to bed. Shes an 8pm bedtime type.

Orange is the New Black is awesome though. We watch that together.

True Blood is fucking terrible Phone Post 3.0