HBK Helps 'Save' Marty's Life

Many fans will remember that Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty
once formed a highly acclaimed tag team known as The Rockers. With time, Michaels would go on to success as a singles star, while Marty fell into a rut.

Yet as this touching story will show, when he needed him most, Marty got some 'help' from his old friend.

Courtesy of http://www.voiceofwrestling.com/?p=news2&id=1630

Marty Jannetty, former WWE wrestler, was baptized and saved last night at the Athletes International Mintistries convention at The Raddison resort in Phoenix, Arizona.

Shawn Michaels, Jannetty's former tag-team partner in The Rockers, was in the water and assisted with the baptism. The Voice of Wrestling's own Chris Chisum was at the event and spoke with both men afterwards.

According to Jannetty, he had been struggling with personal demons for many years, and was considering ending his own life. Marty borrowed a friends cell phone and began calling family members, including his brother and his girlfriend, to say goodbye. "I wasn't telling them it was goodbye, but that's what it was for me." After making his calls, Marty decided to pray one last time, although it hadn't seemed to work for him in the past. During his two minute prayer, the cell phone rang. He checked the number on the phone, but didn't recognize it, so he didn't answer.

When he got back to his friends home, he handed him the phone and told him there was a call. His friend checked the voice mail and then handed the phone back to Marty. "He handed me the phone back and told me the message was for me." In an amazing turn of events, the person calling was Shawn Michaels himself, trying to contact Jannetty.

"I had been trying to get ahold of Marty for awhile, but he is hard to find. Recently at a show a guy in the dressing room said he had seen him, I told the guy to get me the number and put it in my bag. I told him to not leave that arena without getting me the number."

Michaels then called Jannetty from the Bad Blood PPV last weekend to see if he would join him at the conference in Phoenix. That was the call Marty received while he was praying. Marty returned the call and agreed to join Shawn.

"I wanted him to come and asked him just to come and talk. Marty said 'I will go with you, Shawn."

Michaels went on to say that "A lot of guys will want to talk about 'is it real or is it not?' It's as real for Marty as it is for me and all of us. Marty's done it now and its time for the next step, I'm gonna be here for him to help him."

According to HBK, the Lord save Marty's life. He is thankful that the Lord used him and he was smart enough to obey the Lord and make the call. Marty is very important to him. He taught him a lot about being a man and a wrestler. They went their separate ways, and when Shawn gave his life to the Lord, he thought of Marty. He has been trying to get a hold of Marty for two years and finally got a hold of him two weeks ago.

Michaels also commented on the conference saying, "We are all a bunch of big jocks praising the lord. There is something very liberating about that." He talked about how wrestling has changed and Christianity is now accepted in the business. "When I went to Curt (Hennigs') funeral, I wondered where Curt was gonna spend eternity. You know, and that's the thing you think about now, when I think about guys in the business passing away, am I gonna get to see them again?"

Michaels also talked about how he now lives his life in the spotlight. "I try to live as an example. The business is full of guys that talk. IN this business I've seen and heard about everything, I don't beat anybody over the head with a bible, I just try to walk the walk."

"...many people ask me about my walk with the Lord as my matches. When the Lord opens the door, I take advantage of it."


Sting was also on hand and witnessed the life-changing event for Marty. Chris asked him what AIM means to him. Sting replied, "AIM means a breath of fresh air, life and life more abundant. Athletes turning their lives around. Marriages being fixed, people being delivered off of drugs and pornography, things that are just not good. The only thing I can do is be an example, not cram anything down anyone's throat. But I won't compromise. What I want to do is gain momentum, and other wrestlers might hear about this conference and persecute the whole thing. But that's all just a lie. The biggest men that I know are ones that love the Lord, their wives, their families."

Sting also said that he has discussed a return the WWE with Vince, but right now things are on hold.

One thing is certain, Marty Jannetty has made a decision to change his lifestyle and has a new outlook on life in general today. His final comment to Chris Chisum sums it up well.

"I'm a wrestler, and I don't know how to do anything else. I made a bad decision and realized that if the rest of my life was gonna be like the last four years I didn't want to live it anymore. I was looking for the cheap way out, the permanent solution to a temporary problem. Life wasn't going to be the way I want it, but I think it will be now."

Nice Story


That is just too cool.


Amazing...grace :)

What would be dope is if they were doing some charity work helping the homeless together then the main speaker said he would like to thank the both of them for their work and shawn would hug jannety and both raise their hand up to all people looking on and shawn would superkick jannety again through some table where there is hot soup for the bums to eat then the soup would burn jannetys face and shawn would get the old wwf magazine of rockers and tear it in half and throw jannetys half on his burned face then he would say ive been carrying this team for years and it would all be a ploy to pretend he was going to help jannety not suicide himself and be his friend then superkick him through the soup.

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It was all good until Sting referred to pornography as "not good". Fuckin blasphemer!!!!!

I met Marty Jannety two years ago at my local gym, he genuinely seems to be a nice guy.

He gave me a spot on the bench press too. Poor guy.

nice story.

Great story. Good luck to Marty. Sting was correct about pornography though.

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To the top for the better Rocker Marty Janetty.

Who remembers when Michaels threw Jannety through the barbershop window? That shit was badass.

MasterVibe had me thinking, this story would have been really cool if, instead of lowering Marty into the baptismal pool, Shawn Sweet Chin Music'ed him right into the water.


Marty Jannety is the finest example of "Don't stand on HBK's right side". You'd think everyone else would have learned from his mistake.

nice that you guys have no intelligent ideas so you copied mine.