HBO 24/7 has me pumped for this fight..

watching these episodes has me excited.

Damn i know its been stated before but 24/7 is well put together. Great production team.

Really cant wait for this fight.

I have to admit, I stopped watching boxing because mma is so much more involved for me. But every time i watch 24/7 I find myself excited for the fight.

I also like the fact that hbo adresses the issues that mayweather camp was facin... with the dad.. and the uncle who got arrested.

Uncle mayweather said i never hit no girl.. but she threw a lamp at me.. and i grabbed her by the throat.. and said dont every throw anything at me ... or i will beat your ass!

but seriously... this show is epic

hbo 24/7 is topnotch.

you nut huggers, and TUF noobs are funny

Floyd is looking pretty damn good in this last episode. Better then when he fought Oscar IMO. I do realize its a very limited look but still.

unfortunately the fights are usually a letdown and 24/7 ends up being the most exciting part.

I've been a boxing nut since I was 8 or 9 but there's only so many times you be let down after dropping $60 for one fight before your interest starts to sway.

I really wish these two events weren't on the same night, the good thing is that HBO always shows the fights the next week. that's probably how I'll see it.

oh btw, anybody see JMM pulling a Machida?

It's amazing and the production is top-notch. They do a great job.

But I still won't order this fight.

I would rather spend the money on Cotto-Pac Man.

"back at the big boy mansion..."

Even the narayor got jokes. Floyd makes the show though. Marquez is too humble and boring. Telltale signs of things to come. Put your money on Money.

floyd always makes the 24/7's he is on

 Where can I see Ep 2 online?  Anyone?  ESPN usually has them but I cant find it.

I like 24/7 a lot, but these just aren't getting me excited. I'm interested in the fight regardless, but feel like Mayweather is always the same in each one.

ive always liked the UFC specials

they are always good.

Anyone know where I can watch the episodes online?

You can watch episode one on the hbo site

HBO Site

Yes, the show is good BUT when has PBF ever put on an exciting fight. PBF wins by not getting hit and throwing 10 punches a round.

Douche - I heard that the same company that does 24/7 is also the same one thaat does the UFC countdown show

The UFC laid down a lot of cash for them to do one of the shows, I think it was the GSP vs. Penn countdown, but decided against doing it again.

The first two shows have been entertaining as they always are.

I like how hard Marquez is working and it seems like he really wants it. Nacho Beristain appears to have a workable game plan brewing....emphasizing the jab and observing that Mayweather starts losing his defensive rhythmn after the first two shots.

In terms of boxing intelligence Marquez is right there with PBF. I just wish he had more power.

That and the speed difference is why I don't see an upset in the making. Unless Floyd's rib hasn't completely healed.

Both episodes can be found at:

JMM has shown a lot more power his last couple fights. Casamayor is old as hell, but he had never been stopped before and he's fought some punchers like Campbell, Freitas, Corrales and Castillo. At the same time, his defense is not as sharp as it once was and he can't get careless in there against Mayweather. He needs to be aggressive, but smart with his aggression.

I think this fight will have a lot of clinching and in fighting, which Mayweather is actually very good at. Marquez would be wise to dig in lots of body shots while in close and not let him clinch. Mayweather is mostly stationary and wants you to go head hunting so he can slip and counter. He is open to the body though as he will stay in the pocket in order to counter.

Marquez can win this fight if he makes it a fast paced fight, invests into body shots to wear Mayweather down and doesn't leave himself open to get tagged with counter punches. Mayweather will want to clinch inside a lot to slow down the pace of the fight. He will try to get Marquez frustrated, overaggressive and open for his quick lead right hands. He will then look to clinch inside before Marquez can get off his combinations. That's what makes Mayweather great, he frustrates his opponents and gets them to miss so much they get desperate and try to catch him with 1 shot. From there, he is able to just pick them apart once he gets that timing down.