HBO Boxing.....Antwon Echols

This Sat night, I know its boxing and not MMA but Antwon Echols is a good friend of mine, my brother trains him from time to time....He is facing Fulgencio Zuniga 18-2-1 on the undercard of Ricky Hatton vs JCastillo...Hatton has threatened to walk away from the fight if Castillo can't make the weight........Heads up, check it out should be two great fights.....

I don't think the Echols/Zuniga fight is getting televised. Sorry.

Hopkins vs. Echols fights are 2 of my favorite fights ever.

Is this strictly HBO? or is it HBO PPV?

Is Castillo in danger of not making weight? I thought he moved up. This is at junior welterweight right?

I was working out at the Top Rank gym at the same time Zuniga was there getting ready for Daniel Santos. That guy smiles more than anyone I've ever seen. It's plastered to his face.

"Is this strictly HBO? or is it HBO PPV?"

Regular HBO.

"This is at junior welterweight right?"


eah Castillo did move up but I guess rumor has it that he is still having trouble.....I think the fight is televized, I hope it is........Anyways it should be great fights.... Im not much of a Hatton fan......I thought he lost to luis Callazo

Tomato , they usually show two fights,? right?


Antwon is always exciting to watch, tons of power

They usually show two fights, but not always. I believe HBO only has a 90 minute slot for this event, meaning they'll probably only show one fight. They usually give the boxing telecast 2 1/2 hrs when they plan to show 2 fights.

I am going to Tivo the UFC finale tomorrow and catch the boxing live.

I hope your guy makes it on TV Mikey.

I think Echols will might be too powerful, but Zuniga has unreal conditioning. Echols better come ready to put some work in.

  Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

 Date: Saturday, 23rd June, 2007
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~ IBO Light Welterweight Title ~
~ Vacant WBC - International Light Welterweight Title ~
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  Light Welterweight Ruslan Provodnikov   v   Willie Diamond 4 Wiki Biography 

thanks Oneround, Twon is in shape....

HE KOed Brewer and Hopkins says the hardest he has ever been hit is by Echols......Antwon is my Im biased, but tha mofo can crack

Echols does have a lot of talent. I've seen him fight on numerous occasions, and I've always been impressed.

"Tomato , they usually show two fights,? right?"

Usually but not always. I don't think they're showing this one, it's not mentioned on the HBO website and the time slot is too small for 2 fights.

mikey: when are we going to see you back in the ring/cage?? how's the neck??