HBO Max - Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage

Just came out tonight.

It’s decent, but they shoehorned in all the woke BS they possibly could.

That looks terrible.

wtf with the woke garbage. why must dipshits ruin everything


Fuck that! Woodstock ‘94 was the best.

Mostly cuz I was there


Lol at the young white males comment.


Listening to these asshats apply the ridiculous morals of today to what it was like back then is nauseating. I hope they all get hit by a bus including that fuckhead Moby.


Every weekend more people are murdered, shot, assaulted and raped in Chicago by a certain demographic. Yet when a quarter million people are put on a runway tarmac in the dead of summer and then bent over for 3 days being overcharged just for the means to survive , toilets didn’t even make it one day and this happens then it’s a systemic outcome of toxic white males. Jesus. I had a couple friends from HS there and they said alcohol was cheaper than water. A slice of pizza was $15. You couldn’t bring in outside food and water so you were stuck paying the prices.

The greedy rich white old guys who out the show on are the ones to blame. These types of festivals have been around for ages.


Millenials. They can’t do something cool on their own so either copy or shit on what came before them since they’re here after all the good music movies and fun of the last century happened but couldn’t participate in it.

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Re-booting Woodstock in the 90s, the result was obvious. It was the exact opposite of the original festival with corporate sponsors making profit the primary/only goal.

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Holy crap drama queen much. Just going by the trailer you would think there was mass murder about to happen. Instead after 3 days of hundreds of thousands of people in the same spot a couple large stage set pieces were brought down.

Also the line " there is this dark energy coming from young white males". Just imagine the fights and destruction with the same amount of black people being together over 3 days.


It would be much, much worse

That many people, in those conditions, would be an absolute bloodbath.

My favorite part was where they pondered how disturbing it must have been for the handful of black people there when DMX had the whole (white) crowd singing along with his N-word lyrics.

i just watched it ( in a way that couldnt give it ratings). if you think it is a little woke,… you will be dissapointed. it is 100% woke. no doubt it was made to trash white people. moby has to be the biggest cuck bitch i have ever heard. they tried to edit it to associate white people with violence. they basically trashed dmx fans for singing his song with him that had the word nigga in it…as dmx pointed the mic to the crowd for them to sing it. this doc shamed them for saying nigga. they didnt post footage of them singing along to every one of his songs…this is manipulated edited garbage. they trashed white people as being sexist and blamed the music they listened to…like gangster rap and rap that demean women 100x worse didnt exist during that time. it blows my fucking mind especially with todays kind of popular music .i would love to see a woodstock with black peoplewith gangster rap acts and see what would happen in those conditions for 3 days. this is a doc made by cucks. yes …woodstock was a trainwreck…but give me a fucking break on this shit. the only thing they criticized that was right was the gropingby douchebags. lots of douchebags there…but that is in every race…and lol at the buildup of painting fred durst like he was the second coming of hitler.



dave mustaine was awesome in what he said about lars by the way


What Would jimi Hendrix Think

I enjoyed the doc even though they overcooked it. I can remember watching it live on tv. No way I would have went to that shit show in person. I compare it to climbing Everest. Cool to read about and watch, not so cool to do it.

lol at how in the end they praise coachella for how it is run when it is basically a rich person only concert

I was so excited to watch this even I saw it was HBO max this morning. After they trailer… No so much.

What complete fucking nonsense. There was enough crazy shit that happened those 3 days they didn’t need to try and shove some evil white man narrative down our throats.

Fuck fuck fuck. One of the most interesting events imo in the late 90s and the real problems and issues will be glossed over to tell us how bad white people are.

When did HBO become like this? Every original I’ve seen the last year and a half has been some hate whitey bullshit.

I keep it for the movies and older HBO shows I enjoy but I think I’m about done paying these fucks $15 a month to tell me how evil I am.


democrats, media, film, etc…work hand in hand. they are all getting money from the same people. they are trying to shame white guys who tend to vote republican.that is it. everything is tied to politics. when you say conservative shit, they want you to be shamed. they ram it into you from sports to movies. allthis is to brainwash the young…and it is sad…because they ruined everything people enjoy.