Former Pres. of HBO said this when speaking about the deal in the article I read on Sherdog...

"Boxing has a storied history. When HBO attaches itself to boxing, it attaches itself to Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Robinson, and Muhammad Ali. It attaches itself to history, achievement, and glory. UFC has none of those things, and it will tarnish HBO's boxing franchise"

  • And MMA isn't writing it's own history right now? Achievement and glory? MMA doesn't have these attributes?

In the future, as we all know, the greatest fighters will be from our sport.

I am not taking anything away from boxing and it's storied past, nothing can be taken from the names above. Great in their own right.

I know I am apart of history. Seeing fighters evolve, which has been bringing amazing action the past few years. The explosion of the sport (which I always knew was inevitable). FREE TV. The use of the word MAINSTREAM.

Abrahams above statement really irked me. Especially when he said UFC (MMA) has none of those things.

I have seen first hand on what it takes throughout my cousins (young) career.

I see with my eyes someone working their ass off every single day of his life, seeing so many sacrifices being made, dedicating everything he has to work towards his goal(s).

I have seen the glory, the acheivement, as I am sure we all have in one form another in the long or short time being a fan of the sport.

Bottom line is I don't appreciate seeing someone tarnishing OUR sport with a comment saying that the UFC tarnishes his.



We already commented on the other thread.

gotta find that.

Does boxing have the beginnings of the ultimate fighting showdown between all styles and the emergence of the legend Royce Gracie?

Hell no.