On November 29th at MIDNIGHT EST, the next episode of Hardcore Championship Fighting on The Score Television Network will feature a 4-man tournament for the APEX Canadian Welterweight Title. The first round of the tournament will be Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu phenom Rowan Cunningham against the wiley veteran Eric Beaulieu in a rematch of their 2005 fight. The other half of the tournament will pit the ultra-aggressive Jordan Jewell stepping up against a extremely tough and talented Jason 'La Machine' Motard. The winners of the first two bouts will face eachother in the finals with the victor being named the APEX Canadian Welterweight Champion.

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From APEX: A Night of Champions
1st Round: Rowan Cunningham vs Eric Beaulieu
1st Round: Jordan Jewell vs Jason Motard
Tournament Final: Winners

Air Dates
Wednesday (11/29) @ Midnight EST
Saturday (12/02) @ Midnight EST

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Alex, my fiancee got a press release about this a while ago (she works for a marketing company) and I looked everywhere for a personal email address to congratulate you on this new venture to no avail... so I'll do it here! Well done man, you never seem to stop working. When you get a chance, shoot me an email so that I can put you in my address book. jon_kellett@hotmail.com


oooo. Rowen is hitting the big time now. Next thing he will be wearing a leather jacket and driving a hummer burning premium 92+ octance fuel while eating a cheeseburger from a place that still uses styrofoam.

if this tournament is for the canadian welterweight title does that mean joslin is the world welterweight champ then?

2 titles per division ( canadian and worlds)?

either way awesome program we get to see each week.


Not exactly primetime on the east coast (1a.m.), but I'll take my TV time!

thewood, you've got it right.

gord96, I sense.... sarcasm.

Mark Loft vs Doug Keays
(Courtesy of www.thescore.ca)

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Graydie is right..... just last week, I seen The National Treasure downtown Calgary, a lady on each arm.... I went up to him and said "hey Rowan how's it goin man???"... he just looks at me, digs around in his pockets and tosses a 50 bill at me and says "sorry sonny, thats the smallest I got."


yeah chad. he's changed. not the guy who I once new as the "National Treasure".

Now it's the National Pleasure.

You chumps aren't in his league. Stop bugging him.