HCK celebrates its 10th anniversary today. Time flies when you're having fun. So many have contributed to the success of the brand, but I would like to acknowledge the following for their significant support and encouragement:

Randy Couture

Rico Chiapparelli

Ricco Rodriguez

Egan and Enson Inoue

Fabiano Iha

Vladimir Matyushenko

Sam Kim

Tim Mousel (the original Mousel BJJ Forum)

Kirik Jenness and David Roy (Submission Fighter / The Underground)

Ethan Milius

Marc Laimon

Klay Pittman

Danny Ives

Shawn Williams

Joe D'Arce

Fernando Vasconcelos

Roy Harris

Dave and Dan Camarillo

Baret Yoshida

Andy Wang

Gumby and Scotty Nelson of OTM

Steve da Silva

BJ and JD Penn

John Lewis

John Donehue

Megumi Fujii

Hiroyuki Abe

Matt Lindland

Tom Erickson

Frank Trigg

Evan Tanner

Masanori Otake (HCK Japan)

Masakazu Imanari

Tsyoshi Kohsaka

Celita Shutz

Joe Moreira

James Boran

Dean Lister

Gustaveo Dantas

Gilberto Faria (Jiu Jitsu Progear)

Charles Lewis and Dan Black of Tap Out

TJ Thompson of Icon

Carlos Machado

Mark Kerr

Bobby Razak (Rites of Passage)

Thanks for helping make HCK the World's finest grappling and MMA uniform. Onward and forward into future!!!

"When I get to do my thing; I'll do my thing. And when I do my thing; my thing get done." - Quinton Rampage Jackson


I have a double weave Blue Gi you gave Rafiel Torre years ago when he was writing for Abu Dhabi. I have been thinking about selling it on ebay or putting it up in a museum somewhere.....

Congrats Howard. And thanks for the continuing great customer service when I or people I refer to you order your gear.

Darrell Parrish, Phoenix AZ.

Congratulations HCK!

We used HCK exclusively at my club in NJ for 6 years and now my guys in North Carolina are HCK.

Thanks Howard!


congrats Howard....total integrity!

Very warm congradulations!

Congratulations Howard and HCK. Best Wishes for continued success! - Randy Borum


JM for buying a kimono.


ps CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! Great product

Congrats, Howard!

Your gi's are fantastic.

I have the old school red shorts and still wear them.

I remember buying my first gi from you (combat double)and I think you guys originated the "gi shorts" too cus I have a blue pair. i remember thinking how cool it was that they were real gi pants and that they had cargo pockets.

Always wanted one of those heavy duty rash guards that you guys have.

check our team video at www.wnymma.com

all our fighters wear HCK


I wish the shorts had a draw string.




the vid is at our myspace page under the 'about me' section.



Awesome gi's and the best service around!

Great Gi's

proud owner of an HCK Gi