HD partition for older games...

I've got a question about hard drive partitions. I'm getting a USB hard drive for my laptop to throw some games on it, and some of the games I'd like to install are oldies but goodies (e.g., System Shock 2, Quake, TIE Fighter). Unfortunately, some of these games absolutely will not run under Windows XP, the OS on my laptop. And yes, the XP "simulator" of older operating systems didn't work either. It also motivates me that there are several work-related stats and testing programs I have that won't work under XP, also.

So, I had this question. Is it possible for me to create a partition on this USB drive that is run under, say, Windows 98 (where all the older games and programs worked fine)? I ask this because I'm woefully ignorant of what partitions are and how they work. If I put in a partition with another OS, do I in fact have to boot it up separately? If so, how does that work? And do I have to download alternate drivers for all my system devices (i.e., video card, sound, etc)?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

yes that can be done... you may want to ask in the IT Forum