HDNet WEC #2 show AMAZING!!!

This show had two really incredible fights, one featuring Alex Steibling and another featuring an experienced Mexican fighter against a kickboxer making his MMA debut.

These were a couple of the bloodiest fights I've ever seen, not sure we'd want to show these to MMA neophytes or states where we're trying to get MMA approved.

When is this damn dvd coming out?

I have no idea how Stiebling pulled that triangle off. I thought he might get seriously injured at a couple points!


Those fights were well worth watching.


I missed it again.

Slapsy, I suspect that in most promotions, the Steibling fight would have been stopped when he was getting GNP'd. Lucky for him, the WEC ref let the fight go on.

The young fighter from Chuck Liddell's school might have better cardio than anyone I've ever seen in MMA. He went three incredibly tough rounds and still seemed fresh at the end of the fight.