He-Man trailer

because the animation in the original is on point?
It’s kind of the historical poster child for cheaply made animation

The original is better.

he-man laughing GIF by Challenger

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I wish there could be a crossover, like Hokutonoken:

Hopefully this does well and they do a Thunder Cats one also.

THunder Cats was a little more hard core as 80’s cartoons go

Filmation was under strict orders from Mattell that He-man couldn’t use the sword on anything living, that’s why he only ever uses the sword to hit boulders and bushes and doors, and why they created the robots later in the series, to give something for He-Man to actually fight with the sword.

Lots of gay hugging instead, and throwing bad guys into water and mud puddles.

Skeletor is the biggest chickenshit in the history of fantasy villains, lol. THey made every villain a bumbling moron

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