headaches after rolling?

hey guys,

i been training in BJJ for about 4 years or so and i find that sometimes that after a hard wrestling session, i get huge headaches and i have to lie down for about 10 minutes or so to recover.

what do you guys reckon it is? i dont think its my fitness because even when i was in good competition shape i still get them.


dehydration? stress? high blood pressure? hypertension?

That sounds like something to ask a doctor. It's definitely not something to ignore.


I would go with dehydration, but second the doctor suggestion. Another idea is hypoglycemia (sp?). I have only gotten a few migrain headaches in my life but all were due to low blood sugar from skipping meals. Perhaps you don't get enough fuel before training.

hmmm i dont think its dehydration, i always drink about 1 litres of water a day...

see a doctor? what for?! i have the forums!

thanks for the reply twinkletoesCT and oldnslow.

1 litre of H2O for the whole day is not that much if you have a hard training session. Maybe try hydrating with Gatorade during you training as it will also keep your electrolytes and blood sugar up.

And hope your not getting all your health care advice from this forum ;)

1 litre per day is nowhere near enough,at least 1 litre before/during/after training plus another 2 during the day.

i had the same thing happen to me when i started to supplement with creatine and a protein shake. after i rolled i would get a bad headache. since both of these supplements take up alot of your water to process i figured i was getting dehydrated. i quit the supplements and in a week or so this stopped happenning. maybe it was or maybe it was not.

I get 'em too, but don't know why either.

ok... well ill start drinking heaps of water then... and try gatorade aswell...

I usually drink between 500ml and 2L of water during training, plus 1-2 litres during the day.

Also are you training hard as soon as you get into the gym?

I find if i dont warm up properly and roll hard with someone whos a real challenge for me, or a really strong new guy, I end up getting really sick for about half an hour, sometimes get a headache, and have no gas for the rest of the night.

But if i take 10 mins to warm up, my cardio is so-so and I dont really have too many problems.

it oculd be back/muscle problems - it is with me - the muscles in my neck get tense/tightnen up - which pulls the scalp muscles which in turn squeeze the nerves and bam - insta headache -

i take muscle relaxers to combat the effects -

do your headaches increase when people mess with your neck or when you train chokes/cranks?

Do the water thing first,it's the cheapest fix.My buddy got this,I told him to make sure he drank almost 2 gallons the day before he trained.It worked.

Of course you got to drink on your training day as well.

sreiter, i dont think its back/muscle problems... i dont really get headaches from cranks and chokes, its usually after a wrestling session of about 3 - 5 rounds of wrestling.

CoreNobody, i will drink heaps of water then... i just hope i dont bust and end up pissing on everyone when i wrestle... hehe

human -

my headaches dont occur until the next day after cranks, ect. - my neck stiffens up during sleep that night