Headbangers Ball Saturday Night

Yeah, there was always legitimate talent in these bands, it’s just that their abilities were always overshadowed by the horrible trends they followed.

This was another funny one. The singer looks like a cross between Vince Neil and John Sykes.

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When my buddies/bandmates got together every Saturday night for the Ball, we usually agreed on what sucked and what didn’t. But much to my surprise, we did not agree on this band. I fucking hated them, but they all loved them.

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You guys are all like…

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Glad to see this thread come up again.God damn Udo kind of looks like he has down syndrome ^^^

I found another band that I have not seen or heard of.I dont know if they ever made the Headbangers Ball.They dont seem too bad.

When I first say this, I about died when he said “check it out, it’s Krokus coming to kick their ass” @1:45.

And yes, I am aware I am talking to myself. Fuck off.

They did. They were usually played late in the second hour or the third hour. I have this video on one of my old VHS tapes.

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Now I have heard of this band,but I couldn`t tell you a single song that they play.They have not been mentioned so here goes…

“Shout it Out” was the video of theirs I saw on The Ball. Harry Cody is a really good guitarist, but I have no idea what he’s doing these days. The bass player is still around with a solo project called Skold. It’s basically a Marilyn Manson ripoff.

“After a 30 plus year hiatus Harry Cody and Tim Skold finally cave to public demand and return as Shotgun Messiah .”

There is no mention of whether original lead vocalist Zinny J. Zan and drummer Pekka “Stixx” Galore will be part of the reunion. Zan did mention in an interview with the 80’s Glam MetalCast podcast back in January 2020 that he would be open to a Shotgun Messiah reunion but that he hadn’t spoken to Skold since 1990. Zan and Stixx combined forces along with Rob Marcello on guitar and Chris Laney on bass to release a live album titled Live Down Decadencia Drive in 2016 under the name Shotgun .

Heavy Bones Yay or Nay?

This old picture of the Scorpions showed up on my Facebook.I cant tell if that is Herman Rarebell on the far right or not? I dont remember them being that skinny.

32 years ago this month,did you go? (I didn`t)

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Not bad. Their sound is a bit reminiscent of Dr. Feelgood-era Motley Crue in some parts, but these guys are probably a lot more talented as a whole. I like the section at 2:35.

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I wanted to revisit Steel Panther with their song “17 Girls In a Row” because of all of the tits on stage,but I stumbled onto this,so I thought that I would show it.It`s not really a good song,but a nice visual.

Just for the hell of it.I`ll post more metal later on.

I told you that I would be back with some metal.

Looks like this one even made the Headbangers Ball.

I’ve seen them twice. Highly entertaining show. Their onstage banter is second to none, and they pretty much improvise it every night. Also, contrary to popular belief, this isn’t a band that only appeals to nostalgic middle-aged people. Half the crowd at both the shows I went to were chicks in their 20s and 30s.

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I can’t say I was ever a huge Crowbar fan back in the day, but that song was pretty bad ass.