Headbangers Ball Saturday Night

Bump this bitch with a killer little known track.

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Yeah,I`m diggin the sound of that tune ^^^^

Dave Lombardo’s band from the 90’s.

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Looks like Exodus drummer Tom Hunting is starting to receive chemotherapy treatments.He calls it a chemikill concocted cancer killing cocktail.Let`s hope for a full recovery.

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Warlock - All We Are

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I originally wanted to just make it a thread that everyone showed up to on Saturday Nights to rock out… since I was drunk one Saturday night and wanted to rock out. I’m stoked you guys started posting more stuff.

It wasn’t meant to be just a butt rock thing but just a mash up of vids or news or old clips. Thanks for giving it new life guys, especially crowbar. I’ll try and keep your Best Damn metal thread going since I need to get up on new stuff.


Hey man,I thoroughly enjoy it.The heavy metal music scene was a massive part of my interests in the 80s & 90s (even the late 70s) I tried to put alot into this thread just like my old remembering KNAC thread.There has only been two other threads that I have posted as much as these two.

*Why this forum fucks up when you use a apostrophe sometimes just baffles me.

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I had a co-worker that said that he was good friends with Izzy from Guns n Roses & I could meet him if I brought some cocaine.Well,we made plans on a Friday night,but he ended up getting cut by a mirror that we were setting which was my fault & caused him to get some stitches on his forearm.He then turned on me & I never got to meet him.

Fuck yeah, drunk on a 4 day weekend vacation…

Go fucking Loudness!!!

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Isn’t that the best

In high school I was listening to shit like the Commodores & the Bee Gee`s.This is the song that turned me into the headbanger that I am today.Back then it was called Rock & Roll.You guys remember Rock & Roll?

Junkhead, Vancouver 1993

What a powerful rendition

Very early AC/DC with bassist Mark Evans.

It takes up to about 1:30 seconds to get going,but it takes off from there.

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So sick and smooth

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