Headbangers Ball Saturday Night

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I’ve been listening to a ton of great white and I’ll go on record and say jack Russell had a top 3 voice in the genre. Super cool bluesy rock and roll band that got pigeon holed with a mediocre tune.

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I missed seeing him on the street one night by a couple of minutes in Hollywood on the Sunset Strip.

I was planning on beating the fuck out of Jack if I saw him in Hollywood after my buddy died and a lot of people were saying they didn’t do the right thing by the dead. Got older, got over it, heard he did what he could. Nice guy in person, good band live… they used to do a full Led Zeppelin set that was bitchin.

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In the 80’s Headbanger Ball kicked ass .


He definitely didn’t handle it well but he punished himself for the better part of a decade. He’s on record as saying he would do it very differently. Sorry about your for friends Jits. I watched the beginning of the station house video amd shut er down. Too terrible to watch.


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Thanks Stray much appreciated

Fuckin Strobro!!! He’s back!! Fuck Yeah Bro

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I debated on this version or Sammy`s album version,but Van Halen asked Darrel Hall from Hall & Oates to join Van Halen before they picked Sammy Hagar & he declined.

Eddie also approached Patty Smyth from Scandal. How bizarre would that have been?

My goodness,that would have been bizarre.

Here is a more polished version of There`s Only One Way To Rock.

Rob`s bass player was his girlfriend for a little while and did a good job of rockin both times I seen her.

Pretty cool interview:

I wonder how silly the people who thought KISS were devil worshipers back in the day feel today.

Funny enough, members of some of the most “satanic” black metal bands out there aren’t actually devil worshipers.

I loved the original green hair nose ring bassist. She fuckin rocked! Ive hung out with the drummer Ivan a few times. Good dude.

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