Headbangers Ball Saturday Night

Still love this video. I couldn’t even tell if she was hot I just knew I liked how she flipped her hair then a go go dancers butt would shake in the next frame so gave me a 10th grade Dial MTV boner

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For whatever reason this wasn`t one of their popular songs,but they opened up with it both times that I seen them.


Fuck yeah, love me some Warrant (been in pro metal, jazz and pop bands…this stuffi is still top shelf):

nice fucking stuff here

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That Cajun Dome show was fucking awesome. Jani was so underrated as a songwriter and showman. Watch Heaven from that show where Jani is in the center of the audience. Such a wicked version.

I was just reading where Jani (RIP) filled in on some Great White shows.I didnt know about that,but Im sure JJitsu does.

Yes, I caught one of them just before he died. He had a really cool club here in Orlando from 1993-1997 called Sunset Strip. He lived here for quite a while, too. His death hit the local scene pretty hard.

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That`s awesome to hear (not his death)

I cant remember if I played Cherry Pie or Uncle Toms Cabin (or either)

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Jani and Layne are the only two celebrity deaths that ever bothered me.

I loved this show and this tune in particular.


Jani used to go into my wifes work every Sunday with his kid to watch football. She was bummed when he died because he was a good dad. I met him once or twice there and seemed like a nice guy. Didn’t seem like he’d end up on a bender going out like that. Jack Russel you could totally see going out like that.

Heaven was my closet cheese ball jam in 8th grade lol

Some footage from the Sunset Strip club. For a rock/metal club, it was surprisingly upscale. The best part about going there was you never knew who would show up.

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Kimo hanging out at the Rainbow in Hollywood.

Big Motorhead fan according to his Facebook.

I yacked right where that beer bottle is in the background one birthday :metal:

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I seen that Tom Keifer is playing on this cruise,so I checked out one of his songs…well it`s better than what David Lee Roth did.

I’d love to go on one of those cruises. Some of the lineups have been amazing.

Had to reply to something Bc I was so far up!!

Hot ass

This is such a loud AIC video and shows how pimp Jerry is bouncing off an, in his prime, Layne. Obviously editing was good but the scream here is world class in Layne

I think this is the way this song was intended to be played and heard

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I was looking at Cinderella`s tour history and found this.Look at how many of the same bands are playing.
Monsters of Rock Cruise 2014
Quiet Riot / Ratt / Tesla / Cinderella / Great White / Firehouse / L.A. Guns / Winger / Slaughter / Faster Pussycat / Autograph / Y & T / Kix / The Winery Dogs / Vixen / richie kotzen / Doro / Charm City Devils / The Iron Maidens / Dangerous Toys / Loudness / Tyketto / John Corabi / Carl Palmer / Tuff / Mike Tramp / Red Dragon Cartel / Femme Fatale / Killer Dwarfs / Rough Cutt / Dio Disciples / Ted Poley / Heavy Mellow / Joel Hoekstra / The London Quireboys / Ron Keel / Dj Will / Gabbie Rae / Rough Cut / Cheap Thrill / The Moby Dicks / Richi Kotzen / Aj’s Bravehearts

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