headed back today

was hoping for hot flt attendant pic, but so far from what i see in the security line w me, things r gonna be bleak.

game over?

apparently standards have dropped in that industry.

they're getting old man. old.

I believe they have thrown standards out the window and hire whoever wants to work in a noisy plane and be a servant to obnoxious passengers for a few hours. The airlines are hiring grandmas because grandmas know how to handle all the "spoiled brats" on the plane. Grandmas have no qualms about punching someone in the nose for grabbing her ass. Grandmas are not reluctant to wave her finger at you if you act up.

Hip Hip Hooray for grandmas!

actually, the young ones just never quit.


I never get any young ones to the mainland. Only Hawaiian has younger ones.

Dude, my flight back the other day had a full-on transvestite flight attendant. No shit. Man...tall...big shoulders...puffy blond highlighted hair...FEMALE FLIGHT ATTENDANT UNIFORM...powder makeup...lipstick.

What the fuck Northwest Airlines??? Has the world lost all sense? I mean flying is still a serious business is it not?