Headed to NYC for a week

You guys have Bianco. I would kill to eat at Bianco

Yes it is. Order on the phone and pick up. Their lines are nutty

That is what we did when we were up for Christmas.

That crust… oh my.

A lot of great pizza here I enjoy Cibo the best right now.

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I made a nice pie the other night.

60% hydration, 4 day cold ferment.

Made Pizza Diavola. crushed tomatoes, fresh mozz, sweet sopressata, calabrian chiles, and basil.

Oven was kicking at close to 900, stone was just under 700.


The sad thing was that I was told to avoid wearing a back pack, or a nice watch or shoes.


Sad you have to dress down in order to not the robbed and stabbed. Our corporate offices are in Manhattan and they are told to dress down when going to the office no more business dress there.

Next thread: Moving back to NYC like all my buddies

I don’t know anyone who has gone back yet.

I have more friends moving down. Aurelius (hedge fund) is headed down to Palm Beach Gardens.

VIRTU and Citadel moved more people down to Miami, including a good friend of MRs Ned’s.

I don’t know anyone who returned yet.

Put a number on it. What percent raise would you need to move back and be in the office 5 days a week again?

Our new Mayor’s biggest issue today is his worry that the Supreme Court will restore NYer’s right to bear arms and overturn the NYPD’s corrupt handgun licensing policis.

If you want to be a G and stop being a scary pssay ass boo go down to 118th and malcom x blvd. Mr. Mo got them cheeseburgers man. Support local legends

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It would take a lot.

I would need a salary bump to $400k, and a bonus bump by 50%

Churchill was right. Everyone’s got a price.

Really? Are they making you walk there? Your a professional bud - I assume you will be okay.

Regardless, enjoy your trip (stay positive) and safe travels…

I went to Angelina’s kitchens - Italian place. It is in Staten Island Mall vicinity and was gladly surprised how good it was

An unexpected positive of not being vaxxed is I’m no longer being asked when I’m coming to NYC to visit my family. They all drank the Kool aid about it and think I’ll cause them all to perish without it.

But I do kind of need to go visit. Several relatives are 80+ and I’ve not seen them in almost 5 years.

Don’t take the subway, shoot outs and stabbing daily

Well, you were s respected forum member. That’s how we’ll remember you.

Still alive?