Headgear testing question

Was reading the CNN article on long-term effects of multiple concussions this morning (http://www.cnn.com/2009/HEALTH/01/26/athlete.brains/index.html) and it made me think about headgear and testing as I'm in the market for some headgear at the moment and any sort of information on gear is anecdotal. Does anybody know of any testing criteria for headgear (or even independent testing of headgear) that limits the transmission of force to the brain? Motorcycle gear companies can subject their gear to Snell/CE and other testing that criteria, to pass you must meet their thresholds on how much force can be transmitted to the end user. Seems like something like this, even if privately funded to test gear currently available on the market, would be good for the MMA/fight community as a whole.

Thoughts (besides the inevitable 'FRAT' or 'sweet blog' comments)?


I don't know much about testing, but apparently Top Ten's Bayflex headgear is AIBA approved, and in the 3 olympics they were the official headgear providers knockouts were significantly reduced from previous years. Apparently some good headgear is leather wrapped around lead as well.

I definitely like the idea of testing though. There should be some simulation that measures damage to the brain among various types of headgear (and also with different gloves).

I think the closest you're gonna get is, as laqueus mentioned, the certification that it's approved for use in various competition. USABoxing certification is only given to some headgear so check it out. Also, you can stop by Ringside's site and ask them - if anyone would know, it's be them. I gotta run to class now, but might do it if I remember hwen i get back.

<-- Not gonna wear headgear, but that's cause I was told no sparring on account of getting knocked silly last week.

I saw a show on the discovery channel where they were testing different rugby and other headgear i missed the name of the company that was doing all the testing, as i'd love to send them a bunch of headgear and gloves to get tested. i know right now we are trying to make a wicked full face headgear that we hope will become known for being one of the safest headgears you can pick-up in Canada but it would be nice to test it against other headgear and get some real numbers.