Heading Down to American Top Team

I'm getting ready to head down to ATT in 2 weeks and Im stoked.

Anyone on the UG train there before?


 I visited ATT a few days ago. The talent in that gym is unbelievable. So many black belts, top level strikers, awesome wrestlers...you can only gain from that move

best of luck

ATT is a good team!

I wish I had the $$$ to train there....

xakx, have you trained there? just a fan?

DaveGarcia - xakx, have you trained there? just a fan?

I am a HUGE fan of ATT, some of the instructors are Carlson Gracie black belts, that is why they have one of the best teams in the world!

I talked to some people that have trained there, they have some of the best coaches, everyone that I talked to that has trained there say that it is one of the best places to train at.

I haven't trained there, but I did a blog there. Stayed for 4 days.. IT was awesome... You're going to love it there.

Get ready for Bloqueio!

I know that they brought in Darrell Gholar who said it was the best facility he's ever seen. They must have 20 or more pro fighters in there every day. ATT is an amazing team.




Trained there a week in February when I was down for the Kimbo Vs Tank fight..WORLD class facility,instructors and guys..Mike B will get you set up I assure you...


I think there is a guy there named Din Thomas. You might want to see about training with him.

watch out for the bonesaw

I've trained at ATT before and let me tell you, it's an absolute pleasure and honor to train with Ricardo Liborio. Not only is he an absolute wizard at the BJJ game, but he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.

say whats up to ami

I was lucky enough to be sent to Florida to train as a Father's Day gift from my wife. Trained 2 mornings at ATT and 2 nights at Marcelo Garcia's. Awesome time and I'm going back in a few weeks...

Owned Entertainm - I think there is a guy there named Din Thomas. You might want to see about training with him.
Din's my instructor (along with Mario Rinaldi) :). Smart man.

I haven't been down to the main academy in a minute, but the amount of talent and world class BJJ'ers, strikers, wrestlers, etc. is unreal. Great move bro.

dude best place on earth

Im working overtime for my permanent move there

best people on the planet