HeadRush ?


Does anyone know if HeadRush id a Canadian owned company?

They seemed to be worn by quite a few fighters on Saturday night. Props to them for making it to the big leages.

Looks like they kind of did a Mckee though and used those other guys to get some publicity and exposure and then jumped ship as soon as the opertunity presented itself.

Yes they are Canadian... i am not completely sure where they are based, but if you listen to our last radio show Mark Pavelich talks a lot about the Headrush brand and how they were MFC's big sponsor. In fact i will cut the radio show up and give you the link to listen.

Based out of Montreal. One of my old bandmates is the head of marketing or something like that.

Good brand, good dudes, and they're helping out a lot of fighters.

I am always glad that there are new sponsors to support fighters, however I must point out the fact that them not even owning headrush.com is kinda lame.

There is a great article on the UG re: mma fighters being sponsored by clothing companies.

I for one am changing my mind on the topic. The clothing companies are actually sponsoring the event/promotion and NOT the fighter despite the fighter getting a small amount of money for having the name on his shorts.

It's a good discussion and the there is a reason why you are not seeing a lot of major brands "sponsoring" mma fighters or events.


Making waves in the final WEC as well.

 LTL....yeah I think they are based out of Montreal. They were sponsoring MFC...but as you probably know they may have jumped ship to Zuffa. That is why Pavelich lost it a couple weeks back about companies catering to Zuffa and exclusive rights...etc...  It's a lot of money to spend to get in bed with the UFC. I'm not even sure if it's always wise, when there are other clothing companies doing the samething. But that's just me.

So it is true then, Marks rant about fighters losing sponsorship $ really had nothing to do with fighters but the fact that the MFC lost their own sponsor.

I guess it is lucky it will be a few more months before Mark is able to run the stairs and has to cut his grass, so he should have time to find a new sponsor.



If you don't have the sales in the first place, it doesn't justify paying the UFC to have your brand featured. Otherwise it's just an ego issue.