Health and Fitness Careers?

I'm currently teaching high school and this all started because I was looking for things to do during the summer. I have been considering moving into the health and fitness field for some time.
At first I was looking for a summer job, but am currently looking at not only getting certified as a PT/CSCS but also going back to school and supplementing with courses on nutrition, exercise science, etc.

I'm anticipating being completely burned out on teaching in about 5 years and would like to look at other career options.

My question here is: what is out there in the field? What are some exciting careers for me to consider? Of course money is not the only object, but are there lucrative careers out there in the field or careers with good chances of upward mobility? Thanks in advance for your time.

We'll.... thats a tough question. There's a big gap between the personal trainer/highschool sport coach and business owner/club manager/college sports coach/good physical therapist. It's easy to get positions at the lower level, and there are millions of them, but it's a steep pyramid with a lot of people looking for top positions. You can make good money as a personal trainer, but it requires copious skill in marketing, and advertising, and abundant charm doesnt hurt.

The nature of the common positions in the profession you seek requires knowledge in both business and science, and unfortunately the former takes precedence.

I'm not trying to steer you aware, but just be aware that the amount of work and investment required to be any good is excpetionally high.