Health scare for Hatton

Really sounds like time to hang 'em up...


Ricky Hatton Has Heart Scare - Doctors Tell Him He Must Change Lifestyle Or Retire

By James Slater: As most fight fans will be aware, Ricky Hatton recently spent a short amount of time in hospital, after he was admitted with a stomach ailment. "The Hitman" has since been released and he is feeling fine, but during tests the doctors noticed an irregular heartbeat, it has been reported on

The discovery of this heart irregularity (Hatton has a heart murmur, as has already been revealed in his autobiography) has concerned medical experts to the point where they have ordered the 30-year-old British boxing legend to either drastically alter his infamous binge drinking and fast food eating lifestyle, or quit the ring. Hatton, who will undergo more tests shortly, has been ordered to rest up for a month, and that his health could be at risk by over-exercising and training.

Over the years, whilst picking up major titles and proving to be a huge success in the boxing ring, Hatton has cheerfully laughed off any concerns people have had about his ballooning in weight between fights. Accused by some in the sport of not in any way living the correct lifestyle needed to be as good a fighter as possible, Ricky got away with doing things as he wanted for a long time. Now, however, if he fights again it seems he must change his ways or else.

Hatton has made no public comment about this latest news regarding his health, but according to the Mirror exclusive, a source close to Ricky said: "Ricky thinks it's all a storm in a teacup, feels fit as a fiddle and wants to carry on training and fighting."

Of course, Hatton has yet to even make up his mind about fighting on again or not. Still to decide what to do after the brutal KO he suffered at the hands of pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao on May 2nd, Hatton has laughed at various reports suggesting he may fight this or that fighter. It may be, though, that this latest scare will persuade the former 140-pound ruler to pack in boxing after all.

Some people involved in the sport have already suggested that Hatton quit the game, including promoter Frank Warren. At 30, Hatton is young enough to change his lifestyle, but Ricky really would have to make a huge adjustment with regards to giving up the booze and food he likes so much. And the doctors have made it clear that Ricky cannot live a carefree life and then clean up and torture his body in ten or twelve week training camps any longer.

I had thought that Amir Khan at 140 would chop up Ricky Hatton but after seeing him against Kotelink I have revised my opinion.

Hatton would beat him over 12 I think. Khan is fast but at 140 seemed to have very little power.

Hopefully he's feeling aggrieved over all these people telling him he's done and that he should retire and so will want to fight and beat Amir to prove everyone all wrong.

I wasn't interested in Khan vs Hatton before, but I am now. I think you are right, Hatton probably can beat him over 12. I think Khan is open to a good left hook and a right cross, both of which Hatton has. Gomez also badly hurt him with body shots.

I stick to my opinion from before that Hatton doesn't beat the master tactician Freddie therefore doesn't beat Khan.

On the original thread title and Hattons health.. either way it doesn't look good. I don't think he'll quit his indulgent lifestyle it's such a big part of his life/social surrounding. At least while he's still a boxer he gets into shape a few months a year or so. When he quits it's countdown to heart/liver problems unfortunately.

I was actually just noticing the affect my flatmate's binge drinking in having on his health. He works Mon-Fri then get shit-faced on a 3 day non-stop bender Fri night - Sun night. By midday Sunday, you can see a horrible tone in the skin on his face... yellowish/green... liver damage I assume. It certainly doesn't take much to do damage.