Healthy snacks?

Hey guys -- I'm sort of a snackaholic. Anyone got any ideas for useful, healthy snacks?

apple with natural peanut butter

protein bars


Nuts are healthy but the calories can really build up. I can't snack on nuts when I'm watching my weight. I like fruit and cottage cheese.

I've started eating herring snacks in wine sauce. You can find them in a jar in the refrigerated kosher section in the supermarket.

Definitely not for everyone though. Some people think they're gross. I only tried them because Opus the penguin from the Bloom County comic strip liked them.

I was hoping someone would say Cheetos and beer.

Fruit is a huge one for me. For snacks I usually eat smaller portions of the meals I'm eating.

I also love wheat biscuits with cottage cheese, sweet chilli sauce and tomatoes! :) they are so good its just not funny

Fat free cottage cheese, fat free yogurt, and fruits are my usuall snacks.