Healy defeats Tiki!

I heard Pat took Tiki's back during the fight twice and had no problem holding his own standup with him. It's a shame Tiki's shoulder came out but we'll take the W and destroy him in the rematch... if Tiki wants one! I would have been in Pat's corner if my son wasn't due to be born anyday now! Congrats Pat, great win!

Maybe his goatee's cursed?

Tiki was completely and unquestionably winning that fight prior to the shoulder dislocating.

maybe his goatee is cursed!

it wasn't the same shoulder he popped against Sherk was it? it'll be much harder to rehab than first time round.

I heard it was a shoulder that he had a prior injury in.

yeah same shoulder i think, hes fucked.

he had problems with it after sherk.

The replay was pretty gross - you could see it pop back into place and they kept showing it on the monitors.

Congrats Pat Healy!!!! Pat and i faught in Canada together in 2005, and he can go far in MMA. He trains hard and is very well rounded. Jason Reinhardt


The fight was totally one sided in Tikis favor until the injury. Healy never had the back on the ground and never had more than one hook in standing.

Bottom line, a W's a W. Who know's what would've happened in the 3rd. That'll have to be settled next time around. I'm proud of Pat, I didn't see the fight but regardless of what the scorecards say he hung tough against a 4 time UFC vet. Tiki made comments about blowing through Pat, he didn't!

^^^lol at the changed tune.

nofatchicks-try and take Tiki's back twice or Pat's for that matter. Hollywood-Mo-my tune is still the same key as it was from the begining. I'm proud of my boy and expressing it on the forum. Reread my first post I never said anything about Pat owning Tiki, I said he held his own! Tiki's a good wrestler with decent stand up and 0 submission skill. Pat's a good wrestler with avg standup and decent submission skill. Pat was looking for the sub and very well could have found it in the 3rd.

maybe he should give it up already....

bro- u can't an arm out of its socket to a fractured hand

Good for Pat Healy. I don't like Tiki but he is a tough guy.

I am also proud of crocop for submitting Barnett so quickly in the first round.

^^^^lol..perfect response