I put this on another thread, but here it is also:

You seem to always offer sensible advice on here. (Personally I don't have the patience to deal with guys that want to look like Brad Pitt!)

Anyway, would you please outline your weekly training? Days? Exercises? Sets/reps? other?


Thank you :)

What other thread was it?

My routine is to maximise OL performance in competition.  So a lot of OL's.

Monday: OL
Wednesday: OL
Saturday: OL
Sunday: Gymnastics (starting up now since I had a break for studies and exam period)

Also I am adding in Tennis when I can as the weather is good enough to play here in England now :D


That is my training log since April 27th.  So you can see at indepth what EXACTLY I am doing.

Snatch from high blocks: 2reps x 5 sets
Clean from high blocks: 2reps x 5 sets
(back and front alternation sessions) Squats: 4reps 1st set then next 4 sets are 3reps
Snatch Balances: 3r, 2r, 1r, 1r, 1r, 1r
Jerks off racks: 2reps for 4sets
Jerk lock outs: 3reps x 5 sets
Jerk starts: 3reps x 4 sets
Bench press when I have the time to fit in: 6reps x 5 sets
Hypers: 6reps x 4sets
Incline weighed sit ups: 8reps x 4sets
Bulkoffs: 10reps x 3sets

My schedule changes from the last competition to the next.  Weekly volume and intensity changes.

Usually first 2 week are progressive: 80% but adding more volume.
Week after is 90%
Recovery week: 75-80% (lower weight for rest)
Progressive: 80-85%
Impact: 95%
Recovery: 80%

Changes like that building up to a competition.

Other: I take no supplements, no protein shakes  no creatine.  Just train hard, eat and sleep.

Nothing changes quickly and just be consistent and STICK with it.  Don't change things too quickly imo.  Stick with it and you will gain what you want.  You work hard and 12-24months you will see AMAZING results.

SQUAT 3x a week :D.  Seems over the top but I think it is great but if your a fighter you make do with 2x a week and work more fight skill stuff.


Indeed that I am Xen.

Yeah just look at my training log to see a really detailed breakdown of what exactly I am doing.

But apart from that it is mainly OL and just work hard and eat hard when you want to bulk.


Hey Koing when you say you take no supplements, what's your opinion on them. Personally I do not approve for myself (not for anyone else) of supplements such as creatine, steroids etc. But I consider protein supplements as well as multivitamins etc. to be food and very helpful.


Well I just take none of it.  No creatine and no protein supplements.  I just eat food and I know I get through alot of fruit.

But thats just me.  Others can take it but I don't recommend beginners to go on a bunch of supplements because they can gain a lot without imo.  Then maybe later get on it. 


Good for you man. I like that a lot

Thanks wiggum.