Hear TFK was guuuuuu Flick

I think i will see it tomorrow

me to.

 me two

Loved it. . .

Though the Lord of the Rings meets Karate Kid influence is a bit odd.

Other than that, 2 thumbs up and worthy of the DVD collection when it comes out

SS, so let me get this straight, you thought it SUCKED!?

I'll post my critique later today...


 Ok, so the movie was not bad.  i would say "entertaining" at the least.


- Cinematography

-asian hotties

-Chan & Li

-matinee price



-corny at times

-Yes (Anaconda) Lord of the Rings-esc, may be too much so

-D film american extras

-White boy lead = meh


All-in-all though it was entertaining and great visuals.

Liu Ye Fei = makes me wanna play

Li Bing Bing = gewd for Bang Bang

wasnt there a Bing Bing Tapout thread of her itty bitties?

I'll prolly watch this weekend.

a Hapa lead woulda been better ...imo


bang bang to Bing Bing pix