Heart Monitors

Anyone use one?

Worth the $$$ or not really? Easy to use or too complicated? Recommended brands, ones to avoid?

Looking for a holiday gift for my wife, the runner.


Polar--I have used them for years during all my cardio workouts. EASY to use. Gives great feedback. Basic Model runs well under $100.

theyre useful for sure.

Polar is the best - keeps me motivated

Agreed, Polar is the standard. They range from simple hr
displays to complicated multi-function, computer-
downloadable devices.

I got mine at roadrunnersports.com after seeing that they
were a lot cheaper there than at my local bike store.

Gotcha! Polar it is! Thanks.

*heads off to official website*

I used the $50 polar when training for a triathlon. Helped me slow down and train my system right instead of just guessing and being way off. Highly recommended.

I have a Polar Accurex I bought over 15 years ago that I've run thousands of miles in and which is on its third chest band. Still works beautifully. I had to send it in for service about 10 years ago (the transmitter, not the watch/receiver) and they did a great job for a reasonable price. If this one ever dies I'll buy another but it looks less and less likely that is ever going to happen.