heart rate monitoring

Hey guys - I want to get a heart rate monitor, to help my cardio. What is the best way, one I have it, to find out my target zone, etc etc?

Right after posting, I found this link - http://www.polarusa.com/consumer/fitness/getstarted.asp ... so unless I hear that Polar got something wrong... I'm going to assume that's what I should do...

HRM's totally ROCK! if you happen to do cardio in a gym, most
treadmills/steppers/bikes are Polar compatible...you only need to wear
the cheststrap and your HR will appear on the machine's display...no
need to wear the wristwatch...

if you jog/jump rope, make sure you don't get the entry-level $50
HRM, as it won't allow you to set a target HR

The Heart Rate Monitor Book by Sally Edwards, i think it is, has some
good workouts and info in it

good luck!

so funny i forgot to laugh, haha

i've been doing "the TUF treadmill routine" (without quitting OR puking)
and my heartrate tops out at 170...how 'bout YOURS, Ryukyu

it ain't bragging if you can do it