Heat was made 6 yrs before Heat, Watch it w me!

Bet most didn't know that Michael Mann had made an unshown TV Movie/Pilot after Miami Vice ended 6 yrs before Heat was made, that was....Heat!  

I watched like 1/3rd last night, one of the guys in the crew was my (and Fabiano Iha's) acting coach.  

Going to watch the rest now while waiting for new girl to bring me over food & be desert. 

Some acting good, some bad....some names....


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The “I know how to reach out and grab it” scene in the film is far superior.

Frenchi Spas 15 was cool to see in it


I really liked Patrick in it, was like a young Ray Liotta anyone else like him?  

I thought I had seen him in other stuff, but probably only in conspiracy theory years later...