Heath Herring: How good is he?

The only stuff I've seen with this guy are the HL reels of him being beat on in Pride. Can he make a big impact in the UFC HW division?

He's top 5 in the ufc...............

I think Heath will do just fine. Good to finally see him fighting in the states again.

I was hoping that he would start off against a bigger name. I would love to bet on those long odds. UFC heavyweights will underestimate Heath at their peril. He's fought the very best, and he's done pretty damn good.

UFC HW div. being what it is, he's gonna be a big fish in a small pond.

Heath comes to fight. He knows what he has to do, but he's not in the top 10 in today's world of MMA.

He's a solid B level fighter that beat guys like Mark Kerr, Enson Inoue, and Tom Erikson but has lost convincingly to the A level guys ie. Crocop, Mino, Fedor.

I agree with whomever it was that mentioned "the game has passed him by". He really hasn't looked that impressive in his last few outings. I wish him the best though and hope this sparks a renewed fire in him.

watch his striking.....he stills closes his eyes, lowers head and hopes for the best

A) he's big. B) very good kicks (but poor punching) C) good ground

I think he'd be top 4 in the UFC behind Tim, CC, and AA, top 10 in the world.

So, you figure he'd beat Cheick Kongo? Seriously now.

^WRONG, he couldn't bet Tim or AA, he's dimished that much.. now if he's dedicated to improving and serious about fighting in the UFC, then yeah he could be a contender.
Based on the last several years, he won't match up with either of those guys and like everyone else in the UFC has no chance vs CC.

he alreaddy got owned by Cro Cop and Cro Cop has improved since their last fight while Herring has not improved

biggy is correct

I think he'll do better than most expect. Granted his knees which had
been his bread and butter are now obsolete, but his wrestling skills just
got a dramatic boost with the cage. He can now pin people up against it
and do damage. If he works on his elbows I think he might be decent
contender after a few wins, but I do not actually see him holding the belt.
I think of him being a more ground and pound oriented HW version of

herring is one of those guys that always got by on superior conditioning and heart. he took 17 minutes to finish giant silva. i don't think he has the skills to become champ.

He has one of the greatest right hooks in the game.......

...... if you kiss him first.