Heath Herring looking glorious (vid)

Heath Herring and his girlfriend on WAG Diaries from PokerNews.com 


holy shit grizzly adams.

arlovski's looking good after his loss all smiles <3

 i'm shedding a man-tear for him not fighting...

That is one gigantic fucker.

 What a sick career he had.

When the tenors were watching "Yu-gi-oh", Heath was beating Enson, Erikson and Kerr in a row.

that is a mountain of a man


 wish he would return to the fighter lifestyle

I was a fan of that guy. Whatever happened to him? Phone Post

 I didn't know he was a serious poker player.  No wonder he's not fighting, he's making final tables, which pay out more than what 90% of the fighters make.

Congrats to Keith! Its good to see a fighter being able to make coin away from the fight game

what is he up to?

other than having a lovely gf...

Good for Heath, he has always been one cool customer. Nice to see him doing well and having different interests other than fighting. He is and always will be one TOUGH SOB!

I remember when I was young and Herring and Nog were fighting for the belt. I woke up at 7am in the damn morning to read the play by plays in fightsport.com. My gawd the memories. MMA was better to me before it came on cable tv.

Wow he looks much better now. That ugly multi-colored hair he used to have used to creep me out. Phone Post

 He looks glorious!

Seriously, this guy is so fucking tough.

im trying to think of what to say, but the guys he lost to, trying so hard, just could never kill him.

glad to see Heath move onto new things and still live an exciting life!!