Heather Jo Clark walkout tee for Follis fundraiser

UFC strawweight Heather Jo Clark’s newest walkout shirt is a tribute to the great MMA coach Robert Follis, who passed away on December 15, 2017. For every shirt bought, a donation will be made to a fundraiser set up in Follis’s memory.

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Robert Follis was my MMA coach, my friend, and my mentor. Many called him the Tony Robbins of MMA. Not only did he look like Tony, he also sounded exactly the same. Funnily enough, Robert told me he attended all of Tony’s seminars. Robert’s coaching and teaching was full of Tony’s lessons. One of them that I will always remember is, “Emotion is energy in motion.” Change the way you move, change the way you feel.

Another one of Robert’s lessons that has had a tremendous shift in my mind and many others, is the equation C over T equals R. C/T=R. This stands for Consistency over Time equals Results. Robert would remind me that, whatever it was that I was consistent with, is what would show up in my life/fight. We would talk so much about the mental game and how to stay emotionless while in motion during my fights.

He taught me so many MMA techniques and even more life lessons. I always felt that he believed in me more than anyone has ever believed in me. More than myself. He gave me a huge sense of pride and honor having him there with me at my fight week and or course at my fight. I felt invincible with him!

My weight cuts were hard, but always fun. He would show me funny videos while in the bath to keep me smiling. He would rub my feet with ice while I was in the mummy wrap, and feed me ice or water just so I could wash out my mouth and spit it back out. I have never felt so loved by a coach or friend. After my losses, he would stand proud of me no matter what because he knew that I would never quit. Although I feel I have so much more, I still have to go out there and show the world what Robert spent hours of his time sharing with me. I could never pay him enough for his knowledge, time, and kind love he gave to me. I will always keep his teachings and memories close to my heart.

That is what this T-shirt represents. The lessons he taught me are strong in my heart. My profit of the shirts will go directly to Robert’s family. I hope when you wear this shirt, you smile big thinking of Robert’s huge heart, his smile, and bigger than life laugh!

I love you Robert Follis. My heart is broken but I will keep moving and remember you always! I will shake you on it! Believe 2 Believe!!!

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Picked up 2, RIP Coach. 

That's so sad. RIP. Good for Heather. I hope she wins.

RIP Coach Follis. Good luck to Heather Joe Clark. I love her nose. 

Is there a way to donate directly? Gofundme?

TTT for Follis!!! 

Would buy if it didn’t say Heathers name on it 

sockeye -

Would buy if it didn’t say Heathers name on it 

Get a blue magic marker and you too can be a problem solver.