Heatwave now statistically confirmed to be a man-made event

“Chris Vagasky, a meteorologist with the company Vaisala, said the North American Lightning Detection Network sensed 710,177 lightning events across British Columbia and northwestern Alberta in about 15 hours, between 3 p.m. on June 30 and 6 a.m. on July 1.”

This is 100% the result of HAARP sending directed energy into the ionosphere, electrifying it past any fucking rational sense of natural weather phenomena.

There is literally not a single fucking scientists on the planet right now that can objectively explain how nature would cause this event.


What’s the end game?

They are using villages and small towns as test runs for how they can fuck third world countries using man made heatwaves and tornadoes.

We have officially entered the most fucked up reality in human history.


I hear tinfoil hats are an effective means of reflecting heat thereby remaining cool



They torched an entire village.


You sure about that…?

“ In general, thunderstorms form when lots of warm, moist air from the ground rise into the sky. As it enters the lowest part of the atmosphere, that air cools, and then sinks closer to Earth — where it warms up again, and subsequently rises. That cycle of rising and falling air is known as convection, and births cumulonimbus, or thunder, clouds.

But when that heat and moisture rise from a smoky wildfire rather than the ground, the convection creates pyrocumulonimbus clouds.”

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Am I sure what? You posted nothing to disprove what I said lmao. Punditry isn’t objective reality nor is it science.

scientist claims without evidence that heat wave is man made


Maybe I don’t know what you’re saying they are controlling? The heat or the lightning?

they are sending directed energy into the ionosphere which is electrifying it. That is why it is a statistical impossibility that this was naturally occurring. You just have to examine the actual scientific data.

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What sort of energy? Also who is they?

here you can catch up from the other thread

HAARP is real guys! Wake up

We have a holocaust denial thread going on, now this shit

Wtf, OG

This is why I check out every once in a while for like a year lol


I don’t know about this … kind of sounds like the same crew that is waiting for JKF Jr to show up, that clones are produced underneath Disneyland, that Comey and others were guillotined at Guitmo, and Trump will be President In August (it was supposed to be June 14th but that plan was updated on June 15th).



  1. Spend billions $ creating technology to change the weather.

  2. Use said technology to burn and destroy third world cities.

  3. ?

  4. Profit!

they didnt spend billions. they only needed a $9 million grant to keep the entire operation going.

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Ok, change billions to millions…

That still doesn’t explain how this benefits the globalists? Are they going to hold Papa New Guinea ransom for lithium or something?

Wait are you implying that if something doesn’t have an immediate motive that it can’t possible be real? Is this really where we’re at? I’m not going to define military motives. They can be defined from the military’s own documents.

You haven’t proven what you said lol.

That’s how the burden of proof works. It falls directly to he who makes the claim. That’s you.

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