My daughter wrote a poem I thought some of you might enjoy reading.Heaven
Heaven is the bright sun over our heads.
It is the home of God,
The beautiful city that we dream of,
The golden streets,
The everlasting life,
The place we all want to go to,
The place of the Lord God.

Nice.How old is your daughter?I think she's rather accurate (golden streets)and I share her sentiments.

She's nine.

She read me that tonight before she went to sleep...and you know what? That's how I picture heaven too.

Read Revelation 21,a description of New Jerusalem.

"....the great street of the city was of pure gold,like transparent glass."-Rev.(21:21)

Thats beautiful Rastus. Give your daughter a hug from the HG for cheering up this place!


that's stupid

and by stupid i mean really awesome that your nine year old daughter wrote such a wonderful poem!

thats very cool!



I'm glad y'all enjoyed it. She'll be seeing the responses later tonight. Of course I got her permission to post the poem before I wrote it out.

One of the aspects of it I found enjoyable was its lack of baggage, a simple description of what's imagined.


yours in Christ


Doesn't rhyme. Booo!!

Joking. Thats sweet. :)

Very cool Rastus...You must be proud!

thought it was going to be the lyrics to the song Heaven by Live

"I don't need no one to tell me about Heaven, I look at my daughter and I believe. I don't need no proof when it comes to God and truth I can see the sun set and I precieve"

yours in Christ