Heavy bag (boxing) recommendations?

Going to set up a small home gym area in the basement and want to get a heavy bag. Don’t know which to get. So far from looking at Title’s website and Amazon led me to consider these two:

  1. TITLE Boxing Soft Strike Punching Bag | TITLE Boxing Gear

  2. https://www.amazon.com/Ringside-100-pound-Powerhide-Boxing-Punching/dp/B006CV92DW/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=boxing+heavy+bag&qid=1622207246&sr=8-1

I want something similar to what they have at regular gyms like Crunch, 24 Hr Fitness, Gold’s, etc., since I’m used to those. Want to spend less than $200. Which of the two above should I get or do y’all have other recommendations?

@Fister can recommend a good one


I suggest rag filled and not sand.

You cannot find hair filled anymore.

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Or the souls of your enemies

I don’t have any enemies.

Try your fridge


Is that where you keep the souls of your enemies?

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I haven’t killed anyone!

I’ve had this one (I think it’s this one) for about 8 years and it’s held up to regular punishment quite well…

Since it’s unfilled, what do you fill it with and how hard is it to do so that the bag has shape instead of looking wrinkly like it’s deflated?

The fridge IS my enemy.


I see right through you

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Thrift store quilts, blankets, old tshirts.
Seriously, a filled bag will have the same shit in it.

Kirik has a good trick of cutting an old piece of carpet to fit inside and then stuffing it. That will give it that solid look.
A gallon Ziploc or two full of sand at the bottom will give the weight and feel you are looking for.

Make sure you occasionally store the bag when not in use upside down.

I think this one is available:

I was one post late you quick sumbitch.

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Hard to say, mine came filled. I used to belong to a gym that filled them with shredded tires and that worked great.