Heavy bag idea

Ringside sells a softer filled bag, with a foam lining, as an options for some of thier heavy bags. I have always wanted a Thai bag that was just a touch kinder on the hands than the standard filled bag, but didnt want to pay extra for a shipped filled soft style heavy bag. Heres what I came up with.
Purchase an unfilled Thai heavy bag from ringside or wherever. Instead of stuffing it with just rags, or sand which will bust your hands after a few month, I ordered a 3 inch thick piece of high density foam from this place foambymail.com. Its in michigan so I didn't have to pay shipping cause I went to the warehouse and picked it up.

Anyways, I glued the foam into a cylinder the inside diameter of the bag, and then once dried, folded the cylinder down the middle with pieces of weakend duct tape. I ran a piece of rope under the tape from the bottom to the top of the bag, and when I slid in the foam, I pull the tape and presto! Perfectly round, foam lined soft filled bag! I then added 3 sand filled packing tubes to the very center for weight, and packed shredded cloth down into the bags center evenly around the sand tubes.

The whole thing took a few hours once I had all the parts, and this bag feels amazing, just the right amount of give to it. Ringside sells a soft filled bag, and this is exactly what it is. Some guys might want to use just 2 inch HD foam for it, but I really sugest lining your bags like this, it will save you much wear and tear on the hands.