heavy bag routine or workout

I just hung up my heavybag again and I was wondering if anybody had some good heavy bag workouts. I am by myself for now so I was looking for something that would be a start to finish workout. I have a heavybag, speed bag and mirror. Jumprope too. Thanks in advance.

For 2 of my fights it was me, the bag, and sprints and I still won.
Here are some pointers...
The bag is for endurance, power, some toughening, and spacial relation. Use your creativity, skys the limit, and be honest. Solo training is easy to cheat on.
Do everything in rounds.
Skip rope for 10 minutes then do a big 10 minute round of shadow boxing starting with boxing then add the other tools as you go.
Have a theme for the round: Boxing only, range closing to clinch, foot jabs with single power kicks, etc...
Let the last 30 secs. be clinch: single power, skip, hug the bag and do curve knees, knee-punch-knee-punch-knee-punch, etc...
The only two pitfalls I have ever had with bag training is where I was kicking and recovery. Put a piece of tape around the bag at "waist hieght" to know where you are placing yourself. The other is we tend to "wind up" on the bag and telegrapgh and we all know practice makes habit so...
Remember not every shot has to be a skull crusher shot. Its important to be able to recover yourself so you can follow through with more shots so speedy shots count too.

For whats its worth I think found the best heavy bag, I think so anyway. Its at 5 points gym in downtown Manhattan. They had the bag special made. Its real long and skinny and hard as rock at the base. The last time I used one like it was at the Insoanto Academy and that one was even skinnier. Talk about head hunting mixed with leg shots and correct knee placement!

Goog Luck-Hope this helps!

thanks, how long are your rounds on the bag? 3 minutes or the 10 minutes like skipping rope?

I'm in the same boat as you lately, training by my self with a heavy bag and rope skipping.

I've found bodyweight exsercises to help me tremendously and work them in to everything. A usual workout is 5 to 10 mn rope skipping, pushups, crunches,burpees,dips.

Then on to a 5 mn shadowbox, with the SB I aim my punches higher creating a true shoulder burn and I find it helps me to keeps my hands up when sparring. Then 3x5mn heavy bag work, first round lead hand, lead leg only.

Second round hand and feet combanations with a stress on movement. Third Round all out full power try to gass myself. I only have probably less than a dozen techniques, but I train those hard and fast and make damn sure they tried and tested before I take them in a match, or use them on the street.

And if I'm feeling froggy after that I'll run, but not the 5 mile marathon LSD run that really doesn't help. Taku intervals, that I learned about on this forum, are the shit! especially phase 3, damn I can feel the difference.

Anyway, Until I can get out of BFE and start training with others ,this works for me.

When I was fighting I did 2-7s of rope and shadow boxing and all impact rounds were 3 minutes. Everything was one minute rest. Start with 16 once gloves and fade through the rounds down to bag gloves.

I know of another fighter, in NY, named Rami who had no trainer for a while and was still winning fights!
But, then again, Rami has always been a gifted fighter in my opinion. One of those rare few who rises above his circumstances.

Yep, I go to the bag room at a local Golds here in Northern Va and have big lifters look at me in the room like I am a tropical fish is a fishbowl...maybe its fitting?
Soon I will be back with Khun Kao and crew as my work permits and so far it ain't permittin' Its no tthat I need the instruction but B does a good class that works it all, ya know?

cool, thanks for the great advice guys. I just did my first bag workout and boy am I out of shape, but give it a month and i'll be back in the saddle. It's so nice to have a forum where you get serious answers about martial arts!!


38Super, I have been trying to locate Rami (he is from Philly), do you have any contact #'s for him?? We fought on the same card, and I have been trying to locate him.

And YES, he is a very skilled fighter, self-trained or not.

my current routine when I can't get anybody else to train with:

start with light stretch,

5 minutes jump rope,
25 clapping pushups (jump and clap),
50 crunches,
25 squats,

"walk" length of gym throwing pushkicks, knees or round kicks,

repeat "Base" x 3,

Then I like to get started with some combo drills, work in three combos I really like and use a lot, do 50 of each.

Then start the rounds, I pick a theme for each round, usually based on ranges. Long, medium, close, and then transitional stuff, IE long to medium etc.

In between rounds, pick one exercise, pushups, situps, squats, back arches, duck walks etc, and do 25-50 before rest.

When I get really tired, I do a Balls out round. Rip into the bag as fast and hard as I can, like I'm trying to finish the fight then entire round. Make sure if you do this though that you keep covered up and don't go wild. Keep good technique.

Great advice. I do something similar. Jump rope and stretch, then 10 rounds, with a different theme each round and balls-out for the last two rounds. I mix it up, so it might be:

1- shadow box hands
2 - shadow box feet
3 - jab
4 - jab + overhand right
5 - front kicks
6 - hooks
7 - uppercuts
8 - round kicks
9 - balls out/combos
10 - balls out/combos

But then something else next time. Like if I really feel the need to do more round kicks, I'll blow off the uppercuts. Or something like that.


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