Heavy Bag Weight?

I'm going to be buying a new heavy bag because my old one is falling apart and is too light. I weigh about 185lbs. and I was wondering how heavy of a bag should I be looking to get? I don't want it to be swaying back and forth when i hit it like my old one did(80 lbs.)

Your probable going to get a sway no matter what the weight is. I personally am your weight and I usually go for 100lbs or up.

ttt Thanks for the response.

my thai bag i have hung at home is 110 lbs...

i think the thai bags at my gym are 125+


I know mine is 70 (normal punching bag) and I wish it was heavier. I have beat on it enough that it was deformed so I got about 10 lbs of rags into it. Still not nearly enough for kicks. As heavy as possible. Your opponents are going to be heavier than 100 lb, unless you look for fights on the playground.

Well, your probable not going to find a bag that is as heavy as your opponents if you are 185lbs. It is hard to find bags that are sold weighing over 150lbs.

I am your weight an the 80 pound bag works for me. You want the bag to swing around..

ICF is correct....

you dont want the bag to sway ALOT, but of course from the impact its gonna move.

i find i do my best training on the bag when i get into a groove and that fucker is movin, im dancin around that bitch like im in the ring, comin in at all angles, kicks, jabs, crosses, hooks, constantly moving around the bag.


Different bags are for different purposes.

Some bags are supposed to move so that you can work footwork and mobility as well as different aspects of the fight game.

Your power bags are the ones that aren't suppose to move as much. Having a heavier bag and a low place to hang it from works well. Some bags also have a ring on the bottom to attach it to the floor.

We have about 20 bags total in our gym of all different types and sizes.

An 80lb everlast bag should be fine. You don't see many 6ft banana bags at the camps in Thailand.

Thanks for the replys, i'm going to go with one of the 100+ lb. ringside muay thai bags.

I like to use a light bag (60 lbs). That way I can hit it and get it moving and then practice mobility. But I can ALSO use it for power by tieing it to the floor. Just attach a rope to the floor and it will reduce the swaying.

also remember that you shouldn't "push" through your punches so that will cut down on some swaying by practicing good technique.

I have a guy in my gym whow eighs 240 and is a freak.He kicks a 100lb bag and it goes all over the place.We are going to have to get the banana bags that hook into the floor just to get him something to work with