Heavy Bag workout Highlight

Hey all, hope you're good! Hope you're killing it in training too! Here's a highlight of our recent heavy bag workout. Myself in the dragon ball shirt, Sam in black, Mike in the shorts, and my brother Mark in the green.

Mixed styles and weights, but we are all from the same place. Enjoy and feel free to share your own. Peace!

ttt for roundhouse kicks :D

I see a lot of TKD in those kicks!  the way you guys chamber and release.  Nice video as always.

Thanks guys!

Ghost - that's right man! We all share the same "lineage" through Dave Breed, his first art was Taekwondo. I've fought a bunch of tkd guys too, it's an often under rated style of kicking for full contact!

Carson's - That's ace that Guy is a UG'er too, he's a beast! That's Mike kicking right there, he's bloody strong! Walks around at about 70kg but hits like much heavier!

Have a good one guys! I'm yet to watch the whole 189, but I know the results!