Heavy squats.. worth it to you?

In your opinion is the soreness and lack of mobility for the next three days worth it?

Walking like a hobbled cripple?

Fearing stairs like you would fear the plague?

Affecting your other lifts due to leg weakness?

Is it all worth it to pump up the quads??

When I'm not sore, I say... HELL YEAH!

But, right now, I'm saying no mas.

My ass is sore as fuck, bros. 2-3 days a week It's like this. Starting to wonder if It's worth it.

I love that feeling tbh. Just moved house so haven't got my squat rack set up yet and I miss it Phone Post 3.0

I rarely do squats or even straight bar deadlifts, but its because I am worried about fucking my back up even worse if my form gets even a little weird.

There's some diminishing returns. After a certain weight Phone Post 3.0

You shouldn't be sore for 3 days after... Phone Post 3.0

OP's ass is usually sore more often than 2-3 days a week

I love walking like a retarded newborn giraffe after doing legs after a long layoff. Phone Post 3.0

I love doing a heavy squat/leg day then going home and having a wank it's the best thing ever. Phone Post 3.0

Dumbest question ever. Phone Post 3.0

I only get stiff legs for days if I haven't been doing anything for months. It goes away pretty quickly if you start doing stuff regularly.

Not worth it for me, sadly.

Heavy lifting throughout high school and college as a soccer player has destroyed my joints, hips and back. In retrospect, our strength coach in college had us lifting like the football team. Phone Post 3.0

clearly OP squatted for the first time today, and he squatted 100lbs. Phone Post

Sore 3 days later?

Sorry bro lifting isnt for you. Phone Post 3.0

Usually sore a day and a half on Quads but 2-3 days on Hamstrings from 4 sets 90-110 pound dmbell stiff leg deadlifts it just rapes my hamstrings but its worth it.

Had to skip Muay Thai because of mobility issues and crippling DOMS before now Phone Post 3.0

dumbell deads? sounds legit... Phone Post

Sounds like you're working your legs too hard. Get a foam roller dude! Phone Post 3.0

after a long layoff the pain is normal. live with it. If youre regularly lifting and still experiencing spaz legs three days later then youre not eating right. Phone Post

How much weight are you squatting when you go "heavy?" I agree 2-3 days of extreme soreness sounds odd. I never have that and I'm a middle age guy and only squat heavy one day a week and dead lift heavy another day a week. Heavy for me is only like sets of 315-335 for five, so maybe I'm not hitting it at that level that destroys you. I do a lot of sets, though, and auxillery stuff. My legs are usually tired the rest of the day and a little sore the next day. Try getting a good night's sleep.   

athorganics - There's some diminishing returns. After a certain weight Phone Post 3.0
Lol, is that so? At what weight do the returns start to diminish? Phone Post 3.0