Heavy / Unfit Women Hawt or Not??

I think the lower one is cute-ish, but not particularly hot. Make sense?


I say hot

Meat is for the man.

I'd tag em both





I think they look pretty good. I like gals in many colors, shapes and sizes...Almost every woman has something beautiful about them.

TAKU<------is an equal opportunity appreciator of women.

I'd hit it.

I'd obviously nail the ones I've posted. GokuRyu's are OK, except for Queen Latifah (yuck). The chick in the jeans is pretty hot tho.

Something funny about me, is that I'm more attracted to chicks like the blonde in the pic I posted than I am to fitness models, supermodels, etc.; A little plumpness can be hot. Plus, you could carry her uphill for some good S&C!

I too am a fan of some nice plumpness.

Those against....Nay

I castly prefer skinny women. Usually VERY skinny. My gf is 6'1 and ~130 lbs if that gives you any clue :)


A little extra meat can be nice and i don't mind it. A belly is not nice and i do mind it. Guess it all depends on where and how she carries it.


I agree with vermonter

From my experience...(EXCLUIDING DOUG), most men prefer a little curvyness.

TAKU<-----------Rides a motorcyle and loves the curves.


check it.


That's a legit site devoted solely to plus-size models.

All hot I say.

That girl I posted with the glasses is almost my physically ideal woman (yes I'm weird). God, I want to do nasty things to her.

i absolutely love soft curves (within reason).

also dig fit "thickness", as well.

That is too much for me.

I like the fitness chicas.


Fitness chicks are too hard, imo.

Lane Bryant models are decent if you like girls with some meat, but still look healthy.

I like skinny/fit women.

Something I've noticed IRL among my friends is that taller skinnier guys tend to prefer a bit bigger and softer women than short and more bulkier guys (like myself).

I could and probably am dead wrong on this though.