heavy weight best grapplers

anyone know grapplers more than 200 pounds advance near quebec

yes, try GAMMA

Brian Mcgee is a gerat grappler. He fights at 205

crazyhook, this is no disrespect to Brian (I don't
know him that well, and have heard good things about
his stand-up), but he is not a 'great' grappler as
you state. If indeed great is what you were trying to

Again, this is nothing personal against Brian.

I'm not aware personally of any advanced grapplers at 205 from the Quebec area, however, there must be alot.

Gamma has at least 3-4.

They are in Montreal.

Brent Breauparlant
Terry Delino

Brent Breauparlant is one of the toughest Canadian Wrestlers out there.

Ronin has 2 advanced guys both at 22o and they are in
Ottawa. Tough guys good BJJ