Heavyweight matches to make

Travis Browne vs. Stipe Miocic

Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Frank Mir

Shane Del Rosario vs. Dave Herman

Mark Hunt vs. Russow/Werdum winner

Stefan Struve vs. Big Nog/Kongo winner

Roy Nelson vs. Shane Carwin

IMO, these are about the very best matches to be made. Phone Post

I like every one of those. Maybe switch it up a bit and do Hunt-Struve and give the winner of that to Werdum/Russow.

Thanks, nhbguy. I like your suggestion better. Phone Post

JDS v Cain
Reem v Cormier for next shot


JDS v Reem
Cain v Cormier = next shot


JDS v Cormier
Cain v Reem gets next

and I'm ok with any of these

also, Barnett v Mir

Very interesting!

I wonder how many of those fights were 'works', considering most of those guys came from the pro wrestling circuit.

Dan, I don't think Roy would beat Brock. I see Brock taking Roy down and winning via a dominant ground and pound TKO. Brock is much stronger and has a better top game than Roy's bottom. This is how I see it turning, in my opinion, of course. Phone Post