Hector Lombard vs. Jesse Taylor in September AFC

According to the Team Quest Murrieta website (www.teamquestmma.com) Hector Lombard and Jesse Taylor are fighting in the AFC in September. They posted the event's poster yesterday.

Is this the step up in competition that Lombard needs?

Who takes this one?

[blockquote]Suspect - I don't think there is any question who takes this. I am not a fan of Taylor at all and am looking very forward to watching the brutality unfold in this fight.[/blockquote]

I guess you're picking Lombard then?

I don't really know Taylor much other than reading about all the drama from TUF.

A strong wrestler who can put Lombard on his back could be problematic for him no? Have we seen Lombard working off his back before? I'm sure he's capable but he's more of a crushing top game guy isn't he (assuming he's not throwing bungalows and putting people out)?

Taylor has beaten Bustamante and choked out Dennis Kang recently. Not to mention he's on a 7 fight win steak or something like that. Taylor isn't a pushover guys.

From Jesse Taylor's past fights it is pretty safe to say that Hector will DESTROY him.

Taylor is a good wrestler and very, very strong. I think he will do a lot better against Lombard than most think.

Lombard vs Falcao is the fight I would rather see Phone Post

taylor has beaten some fighters most people thought he would have gotten killed by. wouldn't surprise me if taylor just out wrestles hector to a decision.

chuckles1 - Lombard vs Falcao is the fight I would rather see Phone Post

This. Phone Post