heel pain/plantar fasciitis

I posted this in the medical forum too but thought you guys might also be able to help. I recently got my fat ass back to the gym and everything has been going really well until a few weeks ago. I have really bad shooting pains in both of my heels. I did a little internet research and it sounds like plantar fasciitis.

I would like to keep going to the gym but my feet are in constant pain and I don't want to injure them any worse than they are. Does anyone have any experience with this or suggestions to help treat it? Do I have to stop working out for a while or just stretch more and be smarter?


Check out this link. We just talked about this same subject on grappler's.com


Also here is something from our physical therapist
I would also add to that...

1. Weak Glut medius which therefore does not allow for good deceleration control as you go into pronation.

2. Tight hip rotators that make your foot have to pronate more to compensate for

3. Tight anterior hip (hip flexor, quad or hip capsule which makes your achilles have to compensate more which inturn creates a greater need for pronation.

4. If pain with running... a tight same side shoulder which does not rotate back as you run causes foot to pronate more on same side.

I know these may seem out there but... I treat it everyday in the clinic. Your body is a series of chain reactions.... Where is the chain have a weak link... Find that you find your problem.



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 Hopefully that will help you with your problem




wow, great info, thanks