Heels, new TV series based on wrestling

Debuts Aug. 15.

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I can’t wait for this - looks outstanding.

I dont like anything wrestling related besides for wrestling. I think any type of expose or breaking of kayfabe should be banned.

Actually. I just realized I’m being a hypocrite because I listen to tons of wrasslin podcasts.

But i would love to see kayfabe come back.

Fuck as soon as I cut the cord and get rid of cable Bellator goes to showtime, ONE goes to TNT, UFC puts shit on CBS and now this!

You have to buy the 500 channel package to have STARZ, who the fuck watches STARZ. Think you can just buy access through the app or something? I’d like to watch.

So annoying these days having to deal with the 10,000 places you might have to go to so you can watch stuff.

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I just looked at it seems they have a deal where you can get it for $5/month for 3 months - STARZ
After that, it’s normal subscription price. However, you have to tack it onto whatever other subscription you might have. They don’t offer something standalone from what I can see.
Apparently, you can get it “normally” for $8.99/month if you tack it onto an Amazon Prime memberhips - https://slickdeals.net/article/deal-guide/starz-premium-movie-channel-network-best-deals-discounts/

Thanks, might have to pass with all the streaming stuff I already pay for but at least its nice to have the option.

I’ll watch. I respect the hell out of Stephen Amell after his match with Christopher Daniels. That “broken arrow” chant after he went through a table after jumping from the turnbuckle to the floor was great.