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Heinz brings back baked bean pizza – after a 19-year hiatus


If you think pineapple on a pizza is controversial enough, how do baked beans as a topping sound?

A pizza covered in Heinz baked beans is now available to buy in supermarkets.

These pizzas can be purchased for £3 from Iceland and feature a crispy base topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, cheddar cheese and, of course, the brand’s famous baked beans.

But this isn’t the first time the unusual pizza has hit supermarket shelves.

In fact, it seems Heinz has resurrected the pizza after a 19-year hiatus – as it was previously sold in the 90s and disappeared from stores in 2003.

The baked bean pizza is one of many items the brand is pushing this year, including Heinz Beanz Burgerz, Heinz Beanz Bowls and, of course, Heinz Beanz Filled Hash Browns.

And it seems baked bean lovers should expect more to come.

Sophie Higgins, the head of growth platform, New Ventures at Heinz, says: ‘This is our fourth foray into the freezer aisles for Heinz Beanz over the past year, following the launch of our first frozen ready meals range – Beanz Burgerz, Beanz Bowlz, and Beanz Hash Browns.

‘But we don’t plan on stopping there. Make sure to watch this space for even more exciting Beanzy news.’

Naturally, the quirky pizza has caused quite the stir on Twitter – with mixed reactions.

One outraged person wrote: ‘Don’t put beans on pizza, Heinz.’

While another added: ‘Pizza and baked beans have absolutely no right to be together. Not ever. Not even if they are Heinz beans.’

And someone else said: ‘To be clear, I think baked beans on a pizza should be a criminal offence.’

But others have welcomed the launch.

One individual said: ‘I think I’m addicted the @HeinzUK baked bean pizza tbh.’

While another chipped in: ‘Beans on pizza is amazing, I love that it’s been made into an actual thing.’



Come on, how did they not come out with a pineapple and beans pizza to watch people’s heads explodes


It doesn’t surprise me. Brits have some weird ideas about beans. Like eating them with toast for breakfast.

They were good pizza’s

British cuisine is the Ohio cuisine of Europe

Hashbrowns are great. Basically impossible to screw up, right?.. LET’S STUFF THEM WITH BEANS! Infuriating.

Baked beans are an awful idea as is. Bags of sugar don’t belong in the mix.

Putin’s masterful strategy of slow playing the Ukraine invasion is sending Eurocucks back to the dark ages.

That shit’s gross… lemme know when Kraft puts out a mac and cheese pizza.

Jesus, nevermind…

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