Its beeen 11 months since Hector Lombard has had a chance to defend his Bellator Middleweight title. Last night in Monroe, Louisiana Hector wasted no time in taking it out on his opponenet Jay Silva.

Hector unleashed his anger, connecting with a solid left right combo that sent Silva crashing to the canvas in 6 seconds! The ref immediately stepped in and stopped Hector from doing any further damage.

Hector was originally scheduled to face off against Paulo Filho, but due to "visa" issues was unable to do so.

It's unfortunate, as Hector is all about proving himself against the best fighters out there.

With that being said, big pros to Jay Silva for stepping up as replacement.

Hector will now wait for the new middleweight tournament winner to de determined, before he gets back in the ring sometime in September. One thing is for certain, Hector will be ready know matter who his opponent will be.

Congrats to Hector Lombard - Bellator Middlewight Champion!!

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 ttt for Lombard and ATT!!!


Stumbled across this fight last night TTT for Lombard!!

awesome KO.

very impressive KO

 Dana plese get this guy.

Damn. Hector is a beast. Love to see him in the UFC. He belongs amongst the world's best.

silva was out 4 seconds in

Amazing talent!


his guns are full of threat.

Lombard would have wrecked Filho just as bad

Yeah I'd love to see Hector against better competition.

i like bellator because the champions really deserve to be the champs, and its clear to see why they are.



He'd do the same to Anderson.