Helio Soneca Naperville IL 7/26

The Jeff Neal Carlson Gracie Team of Naperville is proud to present: Helio Soneca on Wednesday July 26, 2006 6:30 - 8:30pm.

Helio Soneca is one of the major contributors to the successful development of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu across the world. Soneca has taught and coached several championship teams within the United States, Australia, Italy, France, Japan, United Arab Emirates and England.

Some of Helio's Jiu-Jitsu accomplishments include:
World Champion, Pan American Champion &
Brazilian Champion

Some of Soneca's students include:
Wanderlei Silva - NHB Fighter
Renato Silva - 2000 World Champion Black Belt
Marcelo Pupo - 2002 World Champion Black Belt
Alexadre "Cafe" Dantas - 2003 World Champion Black Belt
and many more.

For more information on Helio Soneca, please go to:

Come out and train with/learn from one of the best. We've had Helio out before and believe me you definitely won't be disappointed.




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"porra derrick-y...please e-mail me those pics of jimmy slapping that arm lock on me...

-porra p.s. white flour"

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